What’s in my bag? | Collab with RubyCaptures

Happy February! I asked on Twitter if anyone wanted to do any collabs and a lot of lovely bloggers got in touch! The lovely Ruby from Rubycaptures got in contact and we decided on a “What’s in my bag”. You can check out her post here!

Depending on what day it is, what the weather is like or where i’m going, most days i carry around with me different bags. I have a standard handbag from H&M that’s black with tassels on, a Vans backpack that I use for college or the world tiniest glittery backpack. No matter what bag I carry, the content doesn’t change!

IMG_3667IMG_3669The first 2 things which are essentials is my purse and bus pass. I can’t drive (although I do want to be able to start learning soon) so I have to get the bus almost everywhere. It’s in a little Pusheen PU holder! I also have my purse which I got for Christmas. It has a cute little nature design and a small section for coins and then the big section for cards. In there I have my bank card, ID, Superdrug , Boots, Debenhamns beauty, the Works, Boux avenue and The Body shop reward cards. My favourite loyalty card system is Superdrug for sure!

IMG_3664I then have a few other essentials such as wipes, hand sanitiser, a half eaten packet of chewing gum and my glasses. My house keys are in there as well with a giraffe keyring from the safari park, a little chain with a heart and initial of the letter ‘P’ from my boyfriend- my last name starts with a P- and the cutest wooden tiger keyring from Majorca!

IMG_3665I then finally have beauty bits such as a hairbrush with a mirror inside which i never use, the frosted berries hand cream from The Body Shop, carmex lip balm and whatever lipstick i’m wearing on that particular day- on the day i wrote this it was the Too Faced melted Matte liquid lipstick in the shade Child start.

As you can see, I only really carry around things that I need. I’m hoping to get a new bag for my birthday so maybe i’ll do an updated post then! Don’t forget to check out Ruby’s blog!


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19 thoughts on “What’s in my bag? | Collab with RubyCaptures

  1. I wish I was more like this. I carry my entire life in my handbag. It includes, but isn’t limited to, a painkiller pouch, my everyday purse which is actually a travel wallet, a notebook, a spoon (?), about 10 lipsticks which are almost identical colours and an umbrella. I love classic posts like ‘what’s in my bag/ makeup bag’ x


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  2. You’ve got some great essentials in your purse! Do you like the two faced lip gloss? If you’d like to see what’s in my purse, feel free to check it out!💖 —https://emilyryannblogblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/28/purse-collection-whats-in-my-purse/

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