I won’t lie, i’ve been quite stressed lately so no surprise that I completely forgot to schedule or even plan a post. Right now whilst i’m writing this i’ve just got home from having my braces fitted and they’re aching slightly!

Yesterday, me and my boyfriend decided to go to a farm that’s quite local to us and take time to just enjoy the day. We went to the actual farm to see all of the animals like the goats, bunnies, pigs and then we went on a little walk around the park, over a bridge and to a big pond. Although it was freezing it was genuinely so nice to just not stress about anything and take in the nature, it’s something I don’t do often but feels good after doing it! We went to Subway afterwards and I also got some Krispy Kreme donuts mmmmm…

IMG_3836IMG_3837IMG_3863IMG_3900IMG_3860IMG_3897IMG_3903IMG_3955IMG_3979IMG_3869Apparently these sunglasses aren’t cool…IMG_3989


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14 thoughts on “30.01.18

  1. sarahrichelleblog says:

    Bunnies make everything better 🙂 I have two and when I’m feeling a bit low I usually go and hand out with them and they cheer me up a bit! I all animals though too and think they just make everything seem less intense! X

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  2. Angela says:

    I don’t even know why but that little bunny made my heart smile – what a cutie patootie! haha

    Hope you’re teeth are feeling better, I haven’t had braces personally but a lot of my girlfriends in highschool did and I remember them saying that getting them fitted was the most uncomfortable part. PS. You & your boyfriend make a lovely looking couple! xx

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