Evening skincare routine | Collab with Glowsteady

Since I think i’ve finally found a skincare routine which works for my extremely dry and sensitive skin, I thought why not make this a collab with someone who blogs a lot about skincare and that was Sophie from Glowsteady. She blogs all things skincare, lifestyle as well as yummy vegan recipes. Her version is an evening pamper night routine and you can check it out here!

The first step in my skincare routine is cleaning my face. I like to use Lush’s Ultrabland facial cleanser, a recently discovered gem of mine. It removes makeup so well, feels nice and smooth and smells good. I apply this all around my face, even on my eyes to get rid of mascara, and then wash it off with warm water and a flannel. I’ll then use the Breathe of fresh air toner water and just spray it around my face. This is really nice and refreshing and cooling on the skin.  This is usually done before I go in the bath or shower.

After i’ve bathed or showered I like to put on this Superdrug Hydrating serum from the Calm Skin range . It makes my face feel hydrated, smells nice and makes my skin feel so soft. It feels gentle but I just put it on my cheeks, nose and a little on my forehead.IMG_3654

Just before I go to bed I apply this steroid cream prescribed from the doctor. I have quite bad dry patches of skin behind my ears, above my right eye and sometimes on my arms. They’re not big patches but i’ve struggled with them for years and this is really the only thing that works. I apply a little bit of cream and with continuous use it does go away. IMG_3656

In terms of my evening skincare, that’s pretty much it. I like to keep it simple and I really don’t like adding new products in because of the risk they might make my skin worse!

I hope you enjoyed this and please don’t forget to check out Sophie’s version of the collab by clicking here!

Recently, I tested out George Makeup by Asda! read it here!


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29 thoughts on “Evening skincare routine | Collab with Glowsteady

  1. I use the same thing to wash my face, except I use Angels On Bare Skin facial and body cleanser. I’ve fallen in love with Lush so they are pretty much all I use skin care wise. I recently got the Sleep lotion and it smells so good!

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