January Haul!

The other day my boyfriend very kindly took me shopping and gave me some money to spend! This is in no way me bragging or showing off, I’m extremely thankful and lucky he wanted to do this for me and I know that hauls are quite popular on my blog. So please, enjoy!

IMG_3605I hardly ever go shopping without buying Primark fake nails, I have a few already and I just like to keep stocked up. I got a few of the Almond ones which are my favourite because they’re pretty but small and practical and then the rest were the pointy ones, I think they’re the longest/biggest. These were all priced from £1-£2.50.

IMG_3586I saw in Superdrug that they had the new Revolution concealer which I wanted to try so I got it in shade C6, it was only £4 and i’m really excited to try it out- also whilst I was in Superdrug they’re doing a prize campaign where if you go into Superdrug you could win free stuff or get points and I got 100 points!

IMG_3596IMG_3599From Superdrug I also got one of the Revolution lip kits in the shade Grandee for £6. It’s a gorgeous pink shade and i’ve been wanting new lipsticks for ages, especially branching out into colours that I don’t normally use.

IMG_3583Also from Superdrug, I picked up 2 nail varnishes. One is the Bourjois gel texture 1 seconde in the shade Rainbow aspiration, this was £5.99. I also got Candy culture BarryM nail polish in the shade/scent Strawberry laces for £3.99- I’m really excited to see if it actually has a scent to it.

IMG_3588The last item from Superdrug, for £6.99 is the Barrym highlighter drops. I have one of these and they’re incredible so I decided to get another shade and this one is a gold toned one, called Beam me up. 

IMG_3594In Debenhamns I bought the Too faced melted matte liquid lipstick in the shade child star for £19. I originally went into to get the Better than sex mascara but they didn’t have it, so I got this instead! I’ve heard all good reviews about this and I love that the colour is something I know i’ll wear everyday!

I also bought some products to test out in a blog post which will be going up soon so keep your eye out for that. Thank you so much for reading!

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39 thoughts on “January Haul!

  1. ItsSimplyMeJasmine says:

    Such a great haul!😊 I wish you could go and do my makeup shopping for me😂 I never seem to find things I like myself!
    A question about primark’s nails (sorry, might be stupid but I’m clueless), are there different sizes? Or do they fit all nails? Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thediaryofellie says:

      I pretty much always plan what im gonna buy before i go because i’ll end up walking around single store looking! But basically theres different styles such as almond, pointy, squaretto which are self explanatory in which theyre the like shape of them (if you wanna know more just google these definitions for shapes) but they dont do different sizes, but each packet i think you get 24 individual nails and theyre all different sizes for each different nails but if you’ve got small hands like me you can just use the smaller sizes for each hand! If that makes sense haha!xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • ItsSimplyMeJasmine says:

        Ah okay – thank you!! That’s helped so much😊❤ That was the only thing stopping myself from getting myself some false nails from Primark, I might as well go and get myself some!


  2. Natalie Hanson says:

    This is such a great haul. I keep meaning to go purchase the Revolution concealer, I’ve seen so many good reviews about it. That TooFaced Melted Matt lipstick shade looks so beautiful.

    Nat x – nataliehansonblog.wordpress.com

    Liked by 1 person

  3. emilyryann says:

    I feel like press on nails are becoming all the rage again! Those ones you picked are so cute!❤️ —https://emilyryannblogblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/28/purse-collection-whats-in-my-purse/

    Liked by 1 person

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