Favourite nail varnish brands!

I have about 100 nail varnishes… no joke. Yes, it’s probably an obsession but who cares? I have so many colours, different shades and of course loads of different brands. I’m quite surprised i’ve not done a blog post on my nail varnishes before so today I thought i’d talk about a few of my all time favourite brands, not for the colours but for the actual nail varnish themselves.

Rimmel London Rita ora collectionIMG_3476

 The Rimmel London nail varnishes from the Rita Ora collection have some stunning colours and they have a few different ranges such as; colourfest collection, colour rush collection, Rita’s shades of black and a few others. In general, they’re pretty cheap at about £2.99 at most retailers. In terms of the formula they’re fast drying (claims to be 60 seconds) and normally you only need 1 coat, maybe 2. It’s also really easy to remove with nail polish remover and doesn’t leave staining on the nails. For £2.99 they’re totally worth the money and you have loads of colours to choose from!

Models own Chrome collectionIMG_3472

I’ve tried the Models own Hypergel nail varnish and I was highly unimpressed with it for so many reasons so I was skeptical when trying the Models own chrome range. They’re £4.99, have 10 shades in the collection and they’re full of a lot of product. All of the colours are gorgeous ranging from copper, purple and red. They’re extremely pigmented and you definitely only need 1 coat and they dry super fast- faster than the Rimmel 60 second drying one! I own 4 of the shades and hope that one day i’ll own all of them. The one featured in the image is chrome grey and comes out a little darker than the colour on the bottle. The only downside is that they chip quite easily, but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest because i’m always changing my nail colour.

Essie Nail LaquerIMG_3466

Essie is quite an expensive brand compared to others sold in drugstores, ranging from £5.99-£9.99. However, these are really good quality. They’re thick meaning you only need one coat but they’re not too thick that makes it all clumpy and horrible and the amount of colours and different shades of each colour are amazing- you’re spoilt for choice. They don’t take too long to dry and the bottles are so sleek and simple. The colour featured in the image is called mint candy apple from the unicorn sparkles duo kit. I highly recommend these ones if you want to spend a little bit more.

Tanya Burr cosmeticsIMG_3455

I bought this nail polish purely for the bottle! However, I was pleasantly surprised. The bottle actually makes it easier to apply the varnish. I have about 5 shades and I love them all. (This is the shade bright & early). I’m pretty sure they don’t sell these anymore but I think they were around £4.99 and although you do need 2 coats, they’re a nice consistency. They take a while to dry which can be a slight pain, but the end results are so shiny and look really pretty.

L’oreal colour Riche Laquer


If you’ve ever tried this, you’ll know it smells incredible. Again, the formula is really good, doesn’t take forever to dry and usually only one coat does it. They have quite a few different shades- I have the shade 334 violet de nuit– and they’re priced at about £5. I feel as though because this smells so good and it looks so nice on the nails, this one is most worth the money.

Have you tried any of these nail polishes? Let me know, and thank you for reading.





31 thoughts on “Favourite nail varnish brands!

  1. I’ve been loving the Revlon polishes. I have the shade 585 Bohemian, and it is the most beautiful shimmery blue. No.7 polishes are also a family favourite in my house. Natural collections did a lovely shimmery silver which I have used to death. I’m hoping that I can grow my nails out this year so I can paint my finger nails more often. Currently got a ted baker pastel pink on my ring fingers (which just didnt want to dry) and a models own gel one, but it chips like crazy.

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  2. I love this post! I may have to check out some of these brands! I have quite a few nail varnishes too but I always struggle to pick a colour because of that haha x


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