Romwe haul & first impressions!

I’m pretty sure everyones heard of Romwe, right? You know that clothing website which seems too good to be true with everything ridiculously discounted? Well I was curious to see if it was too good to be true.

First impressions of the website is that it looks very legit. The website has a load of their deals/offers dotted around and flashing in your face to let you know you- and try and save you some money. It’s a very ‘interactive’ website.romwe

After spending hours trying to decide whether to spend more money to get free shipping or pay the £7.99 fee for shipping, I placed my order worth £66.98 on the night of 6th November and got a confirmation email almost right away. I also paid with Paypal & paid 77p for insurance on shipping that Romwe offer so that in case it didn’t turn up I was protected. Free shipping is on orders over $69 (usually, unless there are offers on) but i’m not too sure how much you have to spend in pounds to get free shipping. A great thing that Romwe states in their FAQ’s is that if you’re charged customs then you’re able to contact them and they should hopefully be able to refund you for the custom charges, if you are unlucky enough to incur any.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 16.50.50
Online receipt
Confirmation email

The next day, which was the 7th November I got an email to confirm that my order had been shipped and I was able to track my order. The tracking number given to me for Royal mail said that the delivery could not be found- Panic mode- but then I realised that would be for when the parcel arrived in the UK as it ships from China.

On 10th November the parcel arrived at Royal Princess distribution centre in London and I was relived to know my order was actually in the country, one step closer! The tracking number provided worked now but just said the same as what Romwe said- it was in London.

12th November I decided to check where my order was and the Royal Mail tracking service said it was at the Midlands mail centre. The next day (Monday 13th November, today as i’m writing this) I got a text message in the morning to let me know my order was being delivered sometime today and then when it was delivered i got a confirmation text letting me know it had been delivered. At this point i was so excited to get home and try everything on.

I half expected my £66 to go to waste with clothes being 10x too small or looking completely different to the picture- I was so wrong. There was only 1 thing out of the 8 clothing items that I just could not wear but i’ll talk about that at the end.

Everything came in zip-tight bags which I thought was good and handy to keep and use for something else.

So the first item of clothing was this simple black cropped bardot top. It’s pretty simple, basic and just something that can’t really be bad. The quality of the material is good, donesn’t feel cheap and that cost me £5.45! It says it was reduced from £19.29 although my guess is that these aren’t on sale- it’s just a selling tactic. I know that Asian sizes are apparently really small so I just went with the smallest size in everything, this was a size small. A good thing about Romwe is that when you hover over the sizes, you get measurements for waist size, length etc! r bardot

The second thing was something I was so excited for. It’s a white shirt/blouse with a giraffe in the pocket eating leaves from the collar. I’d actually seen this shirt on Depop but they were all medium sizes (and expensive) so when I saw it on Romwe I had to get it. This was priced at £8.57 reduced from £23.05. This came in one-size and is only very slightly big on me, i’d say this was a size 8-10. It’s quite thin although it isn’t too see-through and I tied it up because it looked a lot better! r giraffe

I also decided to add some very cute dinosaur pins/badges to my order. They were only £3.89 and they’re just really cute. I realise this photo is really bad, please excuse the lighting in a lot of these pictures- I was too eager to wait for daylight to take pictures!IMG_3072.JPG

The next thing was the nicest cami top with the cutest detailing of the criss-cross down the tummy. This was £5.47 in a size X-small and has adjustable straps. It sits a bit of a weird position but you just have to keep pulling it down and then it’s not an issue! I really, really like this and literally have so many ways I wanna style this. You can easily wear this with a bra or not. I thought that the material would be really thin but it’s a lot thicker than you think which is a bonus. er crisscross

Since it’s practically winter now, when I saw this yellow sweater in the autumn section for £10.91 I couldn’t resist. This was in one size and i was really hesitant to order this, but i did it anyway. I’d say like with the giraffe shirt it’s a size 8-10. The material is slightly itchy and it kind of sits quite weird on me although i’m very determined to make it work. It really is such a pretty jumper. r jumper

This denim skirt isn’t bad. It’s pretty, looks like the picture and is a good material. It was £12.47 and in a size small. It fits nicely on the waist which a lot of skirts don’t and it’s also a nice length. But it’s not very fitting as in at the back it looks too big and sticks out at the bottom which isn’t really a good look. I’ll still wear this happily but I just wish it was a little bit more fitted around the bottom of it. r skirt

2015 me had a happy momment when the next item fitted me and looked really nice. I used to wear stripes obsessively and I feel as though I need to bring them back so that’s what I did with this basic stripy tee. It was a size small and priced at £3.87! It’s actually really nice material and not see through at all. This is so basic but I really like it! r stripy top

The final good product was this really nice long sleeve top with criss-cross detail around the shoulders. Again, it looks just like the picture and the quality of the material is good. I got this in an X-small and it fits lovely, just a tiny bit long on the sleeves. It was £7.01 and I’m very happy with this.

r criss sleeve

Moving onto the final product, I am so disappointed. I saw this on the model and it looked so nice and I thought I could rock that. I don’t know if i’m just way too small but I got this in a size X-small and it was huge on me and did not fit right at all. It was £12.47 and it’s described as a jumpsuit on the website. I was skeptical to order jeans/trousers off the website but I went ahead anyway with these because they’re gorgeous. I will be searching around to find these elsewhere! As you can see it really doesn’t fit me. although it is quite similar to the picture, it definitely doesn’t fit like it should. The bottom part fits like pyjamas and the straps are like 1ft long!! r dungarees

Overall I am so, so shocked with all the good quality products I got! I had such low expectations and I think that’s the key point- don’t get your hopes up! I also didn’t have tp pay any custom charges either. I feel like I will definietly be ordering from Romwe again, just not any trousers.

I hope this was fun to read or it’s help you make a decision whether to buy from there or not, don’t forget to like and leave a comment.




14 thoughts on “Romwe haul & first impressions!

  1. Romwe looks better than I had expected!! I think the problem with the jumpsuit is that the model wearing it looks quite tall, which can be quite confusing as we’d expect it to fit the same no matter what height we are. I’m quite tall and so can see how this jumpsuit might fit me and come up shorter on my fifty thousand feet lanky legs (a bit of an over exaggeration but you get the picture!). The clothes look so cute though, I love that giraffe shirt! x

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  2. I always get to scared to buy things online coz if they dont fit, I have to pay more shipping to ship them back! This looks like an awesome site and I cant wait to maybe by something from it!
    Ellie x

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  3. I am glad you are happy with your order. I ordered from them once but sent everything bac k because the quality was very bad! maybe they improved since! xx corinne

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  4. I was so ready to see a tonne of stuff that didn’t fit, looked awful or was nothing like the image and I’m really surprise that most of the stuff looks exactly the same. It’s great that they give you measurements too! I usually find it so hard when stuff is in letters rather than numbers because I assume everything will be huge x


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  5. That giraffe shirt is so cute! I’m sorry the trousers didn’t fit, I would’ve been gutted too, they look so cool on the model. Thanks for the post, Ellie 💖

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