Lush Bath Bombs!

Can you believe I’ve never tried a Lush bath bomb? Or any bath bombs at all? Am I a real blogger?

In the blogging world everyone seems to be doing Lush hauls and getting all excited each season for the new Lush collections apart from me. I’ve just never really been too bothered about shopping in Lush until recently when I decided to buy 2 of their bath bombs to do a blog post about.

My local Lush store is quite small so they don’t have every single product in there. I bought the bath bomb ‘Intergalactic’ which i’m pretty sure was £3.95, however online it’s £4.50. I might’ve paid £4.50 in-store but I am 95% sure it was cheaper. I also got ‘Twilight’ which was £3.95!

IMG_2766IMG_2750The first initial scent that was quite strong was the peppermint oil as well as a hint of grapefruit. Those are the main 2 ingredients/scents which are meant to be refreshing and awakening. Although the smell was quite strong, it wasn’t unpleasant and made the bathroom smell so nice!

IMG_2756The colour was a very deep blue and then as it started fizzing away, the water had bits of yellow and pink in! The more it fizzed, the more glitter that appeared too.

IMG_2760IMG_2762IMG_2763It didn’t take too long to fully fizz away and all that was left was the extremely dark blue water and gold glitter floating around- when I got out the bath I had quite a few flexs of glitter on me which I loved.

The actual texture/feeling of being in the bath was so nice because the bath bomb was really soothing to my dry skin and it just felt extremely moisturising- i’m going to take a guess that this is down the soothing and sedative vetivert oil used in it.

The other bath bomb I got was Twilight. The main features of this one is lavender oil for calaming and balancing, Tonka Absolute for the sweet scent, Ylang Ylang oil for the hint of floral scent and Benzoin Resinoid for Anti-inflammatory and protective. I couldn’t really pinpoint a scent for this, although not as nice as Intergalactic, it wasn’t unpleasant. It’s a pastel pink colour and has cute little moons and stars on.


It started fizzing a pink colour but as soon as it started fizzing more, the blue from the inside came through and eventually turned the whole bath blue. It wasn’t as dark as Intergalactic but again it had a little hint of glitter. Sadly I don’t have any photos of the end colour of the bath.


This bath bomb was so pretty and made my skin feel so soft, just like Intergalactic did. It didn’t leave as much of a mess afterwards like Intergalactic did but I think Intergalactic is my favourite out of the 2! I’m very excited to try more out and I might even try out bubble bars or their shower jellies for another post in the future.

What’s your fave Lush product? Answer in the comments! Thank you for reading.


29 thoughts on “Lush Bath Bombs!

  1. Ooo this was such a great post!! Lush is one of my fave shops, but sometimes I think it’s a little bit overpriced for some of the things, however I’m super excited for their Christmas range! X

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    1. Oh my gosh thats me af!! A quick trip to the local shopping centre after an early finish at college and i came home with bath bombs! They’ve just opened a bigger store by me too so i may have to visit and spend a lot of money!!!x


  2. I have never tried Lush bath bombs or any Lush product for that matter ahah but I have been seeing them everywhere so I really need to give them a go! xx corinne

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