PS… Insta girl liquid lipstick Review!

Primark have been upping their game with makeup recently. They have so many new bits and when I noticed they had new liquid lipsticks I HAD to buy them.

I picked up 2 of the PS… Insta girl intense liquid lipsticks and 1 of the PS… Insta girl diamond lip topper. The liquid lipsticks are £2 and then the lip topper was £3- all extremely cheap and affordable. The packaging is simple and cute and I have to admit that’s what drew me to them. The only issue I encountered was that there wasn’t much of a variety with the shades- they were pretty much all dark nude kind of colours. That might’ve been because the Primark I visit isn’t the biggest, or they’re just sticking to nudes. Either way, I love the shades I got!


The first shade I got, called ‘selfie’, was this purple toned brown kind of colour. It’s a very ‘out there’ colour for me and i’ve been wanting to try different kind of lip colours. For only £2, if I didn’t like it then it wouldn’t be too much of a waste. It’s not too dark on the lips although it is a little bit darker when you apply it than it is in the tube.not newwnot new

I then decided I needed more of these in my life so I went and picked up 2 more.This dark pink toned nude named ‘it girl’  is even more beautiful than the first one. Again, this is slightly different to colours i’ve got in my makeup collection and i’m all for trying out new shades. When it’s actually swatched it’s slightly more brown toned, which I don’t mind. It’s a nice warm nude shade and I think it’s perfect for autumn.

New lipsticknew

The final one I got is more of a gloss that you put over the top of other lipsticks, or on it’s own. It’s this gorgeous purple holographic style shade which is called ‘tag me’. Sadly this doesn’t come out like it is in the bottle, but for for £3 I wasn’t expecting some next level crazy holographic pigmentation. It’s a nice sheer gloss, slightly sticky but not the horrible kind, that looks lovely on it’s own if you don’t want to go for a bright lip. It’s also gorgeous over a lilac liquid lipstick I have! IMG_2907glittery s

Like i said, the pigmentation of the shades are all really good for the price and they’re a nice, thin formula. I definitely recommend you pick some up. I’m aware that you can buy lipliners with these too and I think that’s such a good idea. I wish I could buy every single Primark makeup product so I could test them all out and see how they’ve upped their game, but on the lipstick/lipgloss front they’re doing a pretty damn good job. Have you tried any of Primark’s new makeup collection? Let me know!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read!IMG_20170817_084830_895


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